Welcome to ClinCon

ClinCon is started in 2010 by Esther Huitink. ClinCon stands for Clinical Consultancy and offers activities in the field of Clinical Research.

Esther Huitink

About Esther Huitink

I have more than 6 years of experience in clinical research in various jobs in different companies. After finalizing my PhD I decided to specialize in Clinical Research. I have a large experience in monitoring and managing international clinical trials (Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV and ISTs). I have experience in preparation and submission of EC and CA packages in several EU countries, executing site and vendor contracts, hiring and training of new people, writing SOPs and related documents, writing and development of study-related documents (eg ICFs). Furthermore, I participated in preparation of and assisting during site audits and inspections. In previous jobs I was involved in developing and providing (SOP) training courses and coaching of new colleagues.

I am a person with strong interpersonal and communication skills and can adjust in many different working environments quickly. I deliver high quality work within agreed timelines, with an eye for details but always keeping in mind the big picture. I learn and familiarize myself with new processes and documents efficiently.